European Breeders Select

2021 AFE Cup & AFR Cup

on 7-8 August 2021

Heilbronn / Germany



Breeders Show & Sport




Entry Conditions Show:


Only purebred Arabians Horses which are born in Europe and registered in a WAHO accepted Studbook are entitled to participate.

Winning price money:

Only participating horse which sired by a nominated stallion at the Arabian Futurity Europe vzw (see at can win prize money as it is published at (

Overqualification rules in hand classes:

Horses that have won gold, silver, or bronze medals in their respective age group (from yearling to juniors, starting from zero) on a Title or A-show, one or more times. Also, on a B show, two or more times have finished as Gold Champion are not eligible to participate.

Excepted from these overqualification rules are participating horses that result from an auction breeding.

Regardless of their achieved success, these are always eligible to start.


Cometitions offered


Futurity Champion Filly Foals / Futurity Champion Colt Foals

Futurity Champion Yearling Fillys / Futurity Champion Yearling Colts

Futurity Champion Junior Fillys / Futurity Champion Junior Colts

Futurity Champion Western Pleasure Junior / Futurity Champion Western Pleasure all Ages

Futurity Champion Hunter Pleasure Junior / Futurity Champion Hunter Pleasure all Ages

Futurity Champion Classic Pleasure Junior / Futurity Champion Classic Pleasure all Ages

The Concept of the Arabian Futurity Europe


The Arabian Futurity Europe Group - founded in 2004 -a initiative for Breeders of Arabian Horses in Europe. 

Founders and members of the Arabian Futurity Europe Group are James Swaenepoel (Belgium), Karl-Heinz Stöckle (Germany) and Gregor Aymar (Germany.


2020 new members of the board of the Arabian Futurity Europe vzw

Noemi Zeller /CH

Antonia Bautista /ES

Pamela Moell /SE

Mario Matt / AT


Goal of the concept is to give a new impulse to Arabian Horse Breeding and Arabian Horse Events in Europe. 
With an excellent selection of The World's highest quality Breeding Stallions, we create the opportunity to buy one of these breeding’s in an open Auction and automatically enlist to compete with the horse, born out of this breeding, in a Foal, Yearling, Junior or Ridden Futurity competition. 
A Futurity competition with an interesting amount of prize money.
For Breeders and Stallion Owners...Our concept is an opportunity for both sides of Arabian Horse Breeding... 


The Breeder and the Stallion owner.


For the Breeder, we bring breeding’s of excellent quality together at one place. 
During the internet-based Auction, you can place your bid online (after registering on the website:

The highest bid for each Breeding wins not only the excellent breeding itself, but also a ticket for the Futurity Cup. 

Only Horses born in Europe - out of an auction breeding or any other offspring by the Arabian Futurity nominated stallions can compete for price money, so far as the overqualification rules do not exclude this.