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Breeders for Breeders

Our concept offers an opportunity to both sides involved in Arabian horse breeding — the breeder and the stallion owner.

For the breeder, we bring breedings of excellent quality together at one place. During the internet-based auction, you can place your bid online after registering on this website. The highest bid for each breeding wins not only the distinguished breeding itself, but also a ticket to the Futurity Cup. The horse born out of the auction breeding compete at the maximum price money (100%). At the championship the prize money is given for all of the top 5 competitors.

The stallion owner who enters a stallion’s breeding in the auction also has the chance to compete for our “Get of Sire Award,” which is not only an honourable award, but also offers some attractive prize money. Moreover, the Arabian Futurity Auction and Cup promotes the stallions European-wide and offers a market with excellent opportunities.


The Futurity Event:


Our philosophy is completely innovative!

Our biggest pride is to be a Non-profit organization.


The Futurity Event is definitely not funded with sponsorship from participants breeders, as in an unlikely situation could create competition distortions and possible conflicts of interest. Our prize money is only based on the collected money from the Arabian Futurity Breeding Auction. 

Our system and our principles make us a self-sustained and independent organization, this way we can give an equitable chance to everyone!

Moreover, as a registered ECAHO Breeders show, we are entitled to invite judges beyond the known lists of judges. That means we can offer a most fair group of judges, composed by well reputed breeders and the most acknowledged people in the Arabian Horse World.

Our vision is to promote and organize a nice event for everybody with a welcoming atmosphere. We want to bring breeders together to share their passion and lifestyle.


We are looking forward to having you with us 2022!

The Arabian Futurity Europe Group - founded in 2004 -a initiative for Breeders of Arabian Horses in Europe. 

Founders and members of the Arabian Futurity Europe Group are James Swaenepoel (Belgium), Karl-Heinz Stöckle (Germany) and Gregor Aymar (Germany.


2020 new members of the board of the Arabian Futurity Europe vzw

Noemi Zeller /CH

Antonia Bautista /ES

Pamela Moell /SE

Mario Matt / AT