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Auction Terms and Conditions


1. The online auction shall be organized by the non-profit organization ‘Arabian Futurity Europe vzw Reg. No. 0810.768.065’ with registered office at Groenhovestraat 26, 8820 Torthout (Belgium).

2. These terms and conditions of the auction and of sale of the breeding’s, hereinafter referred to as “Conditions”, shall apply to each use of the Arabian Futurity Europe.

3. The highest bidder will receive the breeding of the auction. Each Lot shall be auctioned in its present condition at the moment of the auction.

4. After the auction close, the highest bidder will receive an invoice form the Arabian Futurity Europe with the costs of the acquired breeding (VAT will be charged 6%) if the bidder does not provide a VAT number. The invoice has to be paid immediately.

5. The breeding must be used in the year of the auction. If the breeding is not used in the year of the auction, the bidder needs a confirmation from the Arabian Horse Futurity for use in the following year. If no confirmation is available, the right of breeding is lost and no refund can be claimed.

6. For each breeding offered at the Futurity Auction Europe, the actual terms of the breeding contract of the stallion owner have to be followed. On the moment the bidder is attending at the auction he agrees on the terms of the stallion owner’s condition. The breeding condition can be seen in the task of each stallion.

7. If the mare does not get in foal in the year of the auction as well as in the following year, there is a refund possibility of 66% of the paid amount.

8. The minimum amount to acquire a breeding is 750€.

9. Each bid shall be deemed to have been made in the bidder’s own name or on his own behalf; by putting in a bid the buyer/bidder shall commit himself to the payment of the amount that was bid, unless a higher bid was made subsequently. Each bid and each payment shall only and exclusively be made in EURO.

10. Prior to each auction and per Lot the Arabian Horse Futurity Europe shall mention an indicative auction end time on its website. The closing time will automatically be extended for 3 minutes, if a higher bid was made for the respective Lot within the last 3 minutes before the auction end time. As a result, a new closing time shall be determined.

11. Seller and buyer/bidder know, acknowledge and accept the special circumstances and the (technical) inadequacies that can arise during an online auction and for which Arabian Horse Futurity Europe cannot give any guarantee and for which it cannot be held liable and/or responsible.

12. Arabian Horse Futurity Europe shall not be responsible or liable for any possible typing or printing error on its website.

13. Nor shall Arabian Horse Futurity Europe guarantee the correctness of the bidder’s/Buyer’s identity and shall not be responsible for determining the identity and, where appropriate, for checking the correctness of the identity.

14. Any dispute arising from, connected with or resulting from the legal relationships between the Buyer/bidder and/or Arabian Horse Futurity Europe shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the 22 court of Brugge (Belgium).  

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