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Price Money - Arabian Futurity 2022

up to a total of 180.000,00 € !!

Only offspring nominated stallions can win cash prizes. 

Participating horses who are not sired by a nominated stallion, cannot win prize money and they are marked in the catalogue GREEN.

1. Horses that come out of an auction breeding ( marked in the RED catalogue / excel lists) are entitled to win 100% of the advertised prize money. 

2. Horses that have been nominated before birth (names marked BLUE in the catalogue / excel lists) can win 50% of the prize money advertised. 

3. Horses on which neither 1. or 2. applies (marked in BLACK catalogue / excel lists are entitled to win 25%. 

Each participating horse owned by a non-EUROPEAN owner will receive half of the prize money won under 1 – 3.

Price Money 2022